Tempo Bicycles

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Tempo believes cities can be more livable by enabling everyone to embrace a lifestyle change that not only benefits them, but also their communities and the environment. The mission: to empower everyone to live a healthier and greener lifestyle throught the use of electric bicycles.

Brand Challenge

Partnering with like-minded distributors, Tempo's goal was to instill quality and innovation and to translate this into the retail fit-out and customer experience through creative design and management smarts.


The appearance of new models is designed to reflect Tempo's brand ambition and express the lifestyle aspirations of its customers. The customer experience is key. With the understanding that the branding will change seasonally or for special occasions, I also solidified basic branding to live in the shadows as support. The goal was to find an authentic, core message that would remain true.

Together, we built the dream of the specialty bicycle through the power of unrelenting design and collaboration. Enjoy a coffee, a tamale or premium electric bicycle.

Project Specs

  • Date: October 2015
  • Company: Tempo Bicycles
  • Skills/Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
  • Website: tempobicycles.com
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